In this six part series tutor Richard Hillyer will take you through the tips and tricks used by the pros when improvising.

Have you ever watched a guitarist live or on YouTube improvising to music, pulling notes out of the air that just seem right?

Have you ever seen someone pick up the guitar at party and just mess about while making it seem effortless?

Do you ever fear getting the nod from a band mate to take a solo and not knowing if you are going to launch into a musical catastrophe?

Maybe you shy away from the limelight and just stick to the rhythm playing?

If this is you then 15 Minute Guitar has got your back.

Over six HD videos we will take you through the correct approach to play and practice the techniques you'll need to improvise on the guitar.

Our 15 minute lesson format gets you straight to the point and clearly presents the key ideas you will need to know this gives you a solid grounding into the content discussed while not taking up too much of your time.

The course includes:

- six HD videos that will take you from absolute beginner to Guitar Hero!

- 5 Backing Tracks in several keys and styles including blues, rock and pop.

- Printable PDF documents with scale diagrams and tab notation.

You will also become part of our growing community with access to tutors who will be able to discuss any problems you may encounter along the way.

Duration: Lifetime
Price: £9.99