Beginners Course

Beginners Course

We’ve just finished our beginner guitar course covering everything you need to know at the initial stages of learning the guitar. Taking you from zero to guitar hero. 'Beginner' to winner.

Throughout the course we will cover everything from playing your first note to mastering your first ever riff. Amaze your friends and family working your way through our structured guitar course, learning completely at your own pace.

Fed up of bouncing from one YouTube video to the next and getting frustrated that you’re not making steady progress.  

Login anytime to access the full course of videos. All recorded in stunning HD format with multiple camera angles.

Course Includes:
Fretting Your First Note
✅ Open String Names
✅ The Musical Alphabet
✅ Warmup Exercises
✅ Your First Techniques
✅ Your First Scales
✅ Your First Chords
✅ Your First Riff

Plus much more. All-accompanied with professional PDF downloads and backing tracks for you to practice along with. Don't forget you can contact your tutor anytime to discuss any difficulties you might be having with the course,

Grab your axe of choice and we will see you in lesson.

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Duration: Lifetime
Price: £19.99